giovedì 29 marzo 2012

Fare soldi online

Come fare soldi velocemente Maybe you like to earn just enough to pay more for car insurance, a dinner or a weekend away every now and then! The goal of this blog is not to teach you how to make money fast without working or other tricks on how to become rich, simply because there are too often these are scams. In fact, I would like to explain how to make money on the Internet using the many money-making ideas that have developed over the last decade in Italy and worldwide. Not always the sites that offer the opportunity to earn playing are a scam. However, some of them are not completely legal in Italy, although in this case the Italian legislation is confusing and, especially, in irreconcilable contradiction with European standards for consumer protection and free competition. We come to the point.Maybe you already know that there is a service called Google Adsense. What is adsense. It 'a free program from Google that allows the owner of a website to enter codes into your own site. Once you entered the code, this becomes an advertisement. This method in Italy is called come fare soldi velocemente Leaving aside (for now) the details, when a visitor clicks on an ad that appears on any page of your site you earn. Very simple no? Earnings, therefore, are commensurate with the number of times your ads in your site are clicked by users. Based on these numbers, Google will send payments directly to your account or by check (with Google currently can not receive payments on postepay, paypal or other). come fare soldi velocemente